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Project Description
Welcome to OSGi.NET, here we’are sharing anything about OSGi for .NET or OSGi.NET, whatever you call it.

OSGi.NET, a dynamic modularization framework, which is a .NET implementation tightly based on OSGi specifications from OSGi Alliance, is designed and developed by Xi’an UI Information Technology, Inc., in China, from 2008.


This project covers two topics,

  1. How to use OSGi.Net in your project. Currently, the samples in the source code are following,
    1. SimpleShell.sln, it shows how to develop shell from scratch, pretty much straight forward.
    2. DockPanelShell.sln, it demostrates how to integrate thrid part library with OSGi.NET, we borrow some code from
  2. How to develop a plugin.

There are also many plugins along with each sample above.

Any feedback or contribute is always welcome, or you can get me by

Dock panel workspace Docked space.png

XML based plugin manifest Manifest.png


Integration with Asp.NET 4.0

OSGi.NET extension for Asp.NET MVC 4 is available now, you can find below features in the download,

  1. Bootstrap OSGi in Asp.NET MVC
  2. Implement IoC plugin by integrating Autofac library
  3. Customize Asp.NET master layout
  4. Add features by extension point.
  5. Regular n-tiers design.
  6. Share layout page across all plugins.

You can just download the source code and apply it into your production for free, it's pretty much simple, stable and easy to use. Here are some screens,

Home page


The blog page


You can add new features by a few lines of XML code.

Plugin Extension


You can customize any area in the page as you like,

Sidebar Extension & IoC

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