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Loading and unloading (pluggable)modules without restarting or rebuilding the base program in .NET

Apr 4 at 2:22 PM
I want to build a site that will have pluggable modules in ASP.NET.
The use case is as follows:
  • The home page displays a list of modules (plugins).
  • Clicking the add plugin button should provide you with means to download or select the plugin (dll), and load it into the core program. Similarly, selecting a loaded-and-available plugin unloads said plugin from the core program.
  • The home page should now be modified to reflect the availability of the new plugin.
I want the plugins(dlls) to be developed separately and loaded in the app at run-time from any pre-configured folder.

I need guidance how to get this working.

If the frameworks listed above can do this, then how is it done. There is very little documentation. Thanks for your attention.