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  1. Q: Is OSGi.NET free?
    A: Sure, you can copy and redistribute it with your production totally free.

  2. Q: Where to find UIShell.OSGi.dll?
    A: You can find the UIShell.OSGi.dll in the Lib folder of the source code or download from this website.

  3. Q: What's license.lic?
    A: For some reason, you only allow certain users to run your application, in this case, you can simply update the license.lic to meet your requirment.
    UPDATE: license.lic is REMOVED from latest version.

  4. Q: Where I shoud put the license.lic?
    A: For Web, put it at the root directory of your applications. For Desktop, put it together with executable files (*.exe).
    UPDATE: license.lic is REMOVED from latest version. 

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